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Financial consultancy

Financial Statement Audits

Audited financial statement is a summary of all the undertakings of the organization for the whole period. Audit of financial statements is one practice whose importance cannot be over emphasized.. Audit entails undertaking of a walkthrough of all transactions and advising on the correct recording of the same. This in essence gives a fair view of the position and profitability of the organization. Audited financial statements are also assets to the firm because these give an edge in obtaining credit facilities besides ensuring compliance with Kenyan laws and other statutory regulations.

Tax Consultancy Services

Tax is part and parcel of everybody, both corporate and otherwise. We undertake tax consulting in regards to avoidance, tax burden reduction, tax computation and filing of returns. We also offer a great deal of knowledge in tax education, tax legislation and its impact to our clients. Our highly qualified personnel are always available for consultation regarding this pertinent topic.


Controls Design and Investigation

This entails undertaking procedures and processes to establish the source of a fraudulent financial transaction. Besides, we design controls that are fraud proof and assist in the implementation of the same. We also team with our client to ensure that the controls are tailored for the organization and are operating effectively. Tullon is also able to design an organization’s policy manual and operating procedures covering the following areas: Finance, Procurement, Internal Audit, Human Resource and Administration departments. These procedures are designed to aid in smooth operation with minimal bottlenecks and reduced loopholes for fraud perpetration.

Financial Advisory Services and Market Research

About 95% of newly formed businesses don’t live to see their third birthdays. This can largely be attributed to poor cash flow management and unproductive use of debts/leverage.  Finances are crucial resources to every organization and there is need for proper mobilization and utilization of these resources. We undertake a wide range of financial advisory services depending on the needs of our clients. We also perform market research, product development and support services on financial reporting and taxation.

Middle Market Auxiliary Services

1.Sourcing of funds

This involves obtaining client’s funding needs, preparing documentation as required by the financiers and presenting the same for advancing of funds. We also negotiate for favorable interest rates for our customers. Such products range from term loans, hire purchase, mortgages, Overdrafts, trade-ins, Insurance premium financing, etc.

2.Market Research

We perform tailor made research for our clients to ensure they optimize on the available market information. Making decisions without accurate information could be tantamount to risking more than you can lose. Our research covers an expansive field ranging from gathering information on new product development to efficient staffing criteria to use.


Improper costing can lead to huge losses to an organization and it might take a considerable amount of time to right such mistakes. We assign the best possible cost to goods and services to ensure that hidden costs are catered for while at the same time offering the most competitive price. This we do after performing proper dissection of the goods/ services to the core and assigning reasonable value to each component.

4.Human Capital Management

This entails end to end process of sourcing, recruiting, training and continuously improving the organization’s staffing needs. The aim is to ensure optimum and sustained human capital productivity. We turn diamonds in the rough kinds of employees into stellar performers. This we do by appealing to the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual needs of personnel. We have systematic programs in place that employees can enroll in and thereafter take their time to learn the lessons presented at every stage. The whole process is fun filled and lets people not to take everything too seriously.



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